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Reduce stress/Increase optimism/Improve relationships/Find and Develop Inner Guidance/Increase Peace of Mind​/Learn To Meditate/Increase Focus and Concentration


Spiritual Counseling, once the exclusive realm of organized religion, has emerged as a field of its own in the last 20 years. As a Spiritual Counselor, grounded in my own study, practice and experience with the Divine I will share my knowledge and experience with you in order to assist you with your own connection to what is real, yet unseen.


The work of Spiritual Counseling will take you on a journey of exploring your inner being as you acquire new ideas and new techniques for creative problem-solving. These tools are based on a combination of techniques both centuries old and entirely new and your own belief system. As the Counselor, I will support you as you become accountable for reaching the goals you set for yourself.

Spiritual Counseling can also include three aspects of spiritual study:  deepening your relationship with what you believe is Divine, discovering and clarifying your spiritual beliefs, and practicing the art of contemplation.  You don't need to alter or abandon your belief or your unbelief, since Spiritual Counseling works with Truth in all its many forms.


Through Spiritual Counseling you can:


Find and Develop your Inner Guidance                                Increase your Peace of Mind                 Strengthen your Spiritual Connection       

Increase your Focus and Concentration                               Learn to Meditate                                 Discover your Life Purpose




Private Counseling

In-person or Skype

Seminars, workshops

I am also a spiritual medium, which means that I can receive messages from loved ones who have passed on.  If you are open and interested, this experience might be a part of your session. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that I will receive a message for you; therefore, I do not charge for these services.

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